The Transform App 28-Day Challenge Official Guide

May 24th, 2019 by Transform HQ

Welcome to the official Transform App October 28-Day Transform Challenge guide! We’re going to discuss ALL things challenge-related and answer the most frequently asked questions so you can have the best experience possible.

Let’s get to it!

How the October 28-Day Challenge Works

First things first. The 28-Day Challenge is centered around The Transform App.

So what does that mean?

Those participating in the 28-Day Challenge will use their membership on The Transform App to generate their customized meal plan and workout plan. It’s important to note that there is no section in The Transform App for the 28-Day Challenge!

The Transform App will provide you with your nutrition and exercise plan throughout this 28-Day Challenge. This challenge is a fun competition to help incentivize, reward, and celebrate everyone’s weight loss success and non-scale victories over the 28-day period.

Not only will there be giveaways throughout the 28-days and a first-place winner, as well as runners-up and additional Facebook Community winners, we’re going to be providing you with exclusive, fun content!

This round of the challenge starts on October 7th and goes through November 3rd. You have up until October 7th at 11:59 PM PDT to join the challenge, so don’t wait!

If you are reading this blog and are currently not a part of the challenge, click here to read more and join!

New & Improved 28-Day Challenge Features 

Even Better Prizes

Because this is a Challenge, there will be prizes at the end. But Chris and Heidi have upped the ante, and these prizes are better than ever. One first-place winner will get $1,000 cash prize AND a lifetime membership to the App. Three runners up will get a 1-year Membership to The Transform App plus 3-months of Low Carb Meal Replacement and Boost Shot. There will also be several amazing Private Facebook Community Participation Awards.

New Deals & More Savings

For the first time ever, Chris and Heidi are offering several amazing Transform App discounts. Now you can lock in 33% savings on the 2-Month subscription to The Transform App. Plus, there are incredible deals on the 6-month and 12-month as well, helping you save even more.

The VIP Challenge Facebook Group

The 28-Day Challenge Facebook Group will be your home base throughout the challenge. We’ll be doing some amazing things in that group throughout the 28-days, so check in daily! The Facebook Community is where we will provide you with exclusive content, updates, and giveaways! Here’s a look at the schedule throughout the challenge:


(Want to download this calendar? Just click here!)

Along with the giveaways, prizes at the end, and exclusive content, another amazing benefit of this 28-Day Challenge Facebook Group is it’s going to be filled with people just like you!

You’re going to be surrounded by amazing individuals just like you who are trying to lose weight, get in shape, and create a lasting transformation. This is going to be the ULTIMATE source of motivation!

There will be discussions, questions, people celebrating non-scale victories, people reaching out for help, people offering encouraging words and support, and more.

This is going to be your safe zone for the next 28-days of the challenge.

But here’s the catch: The more involved you are in the community, the more you will get out of it.

So we challenge you to be involved as much as you can be.

Top 28-Day Challenge FAQs

With that said, let’s get to the top frequently asked questions about the 28-Day Challenge!

When does the 28-Day Challenge start?

This Transform App October 28-Day Challenge starts October 7th and goes through November 3rd.

How will the winners be picked?

All winners will be picked by Chris and Heidi Powell. Winners will be selected based on a mixture of criteria including their results, participation in the Facebook Community, and their effort over the 28 days.

Where is my exercise and nutrition plan?

You will get your customized meal plan and workout plan through The Transform App. Once you’ve downloaded the app and entered your information, you’ll be given a couple of different workouts and meal plan options based on the Body Goal (weight loss, lean & shredded, maintain weight, gain weight) you select!

How do I know which program to pick?

For help on picking which nutrition and exercise plan you should follow for the best results, our Transform Coaches have you covered!

Watch Coach Rachel Pastor explain which program to pick by clicking here.

Watch Coach Chris Doxey explain which program to pick by clicking here.

Once you’ve selected your nutrition and exercise approach, The Transform App will then deliver you a customized experience based on your body and goals!

What can I expect during the 28-Day Challenge?

During the 28 days of this challenge, here are several things you can expect:

  • Giveaways every Friday
  • Weekly emails every Monday
  • Exclusive content
  • Updates about the challenge
  • A support system through the Facebook Community like you’ve never experienced before

How do I join the 28-Day Challenge?

If you currently have The Transform App downloaded, created an account within the app and are a part of the private The Transform App 28 Day Challenge Facebook Group, you are officially a part of the challenge!

The last thing you’ll need to do is submit your starting measurements. We will be sending out that email a few days before the challenge starts!

How do I submit my starting measurements?

We will be sending you an email with all the instructions on how to submit your starting measurements. If you happen to miss it, don’t worry. Here is the link to submit your starting measurements.

Where can I find this challenge in The Transform App?

You won’t find this 28-Day Challenge inside The Transform App–it is separate. The challenge is a fun way to incentivize, motivate, and encourage people during the month of October.

What if I don’t get the weekly emails throughout the challenge?

In the off chance, you aren’t getting our challenge emails, email We’ll be able to help you out and get those emails coming your way!

Where can I go if I need help using The Transform App?

If you need help using The Transform App throughout the challenge, there are 3 things you can do!

  1. You can navigate to the “ME” tab inside The Transform App (bottom of the screen) and click on “Help Me.”
  2. You can also ask as many questions as you need inside the Private Facebook Community! We’d be happy to help you out in there.
  3. Feel free to send us an email to with any questions as well!

Let’s Start This Fall Off With a BANG! 

This Transform App October 28-Day Transform Challenge is the perfect opportunity to jumpstart your results as we head into fall.

We can’t wait to start this transformation with you. Give it your all, stick with it these next 28 days, and you’re going to surprise yourself with what you can accomplish.

Let’s get to it!

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    Day 1 ✅ is in the books! Drank 80oz of water, got my workout in & happy to be here& starting to believe in myself!
    Feeling motivated & inspired! 😊

  8. Jackie Pasquetti

    Day 1 ✅ is in the books! Drank 80oz of water, got my workout in & happy to be here& starting to believe in myself!
    Feeling motivated & inspired! 😊

  9. KETHLIN_bach

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    Can’t wait for the challenge!

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