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Dance It Off In 10 Minutes or More a Day

Now’s Your Chance to Get Moving, Burn Calories, & Dance It Off!

Why It Works

What is Dance by Transform?

It Doesn't Feel Like a Workout

You’re going to be moving your body, burning calories, and surprising yourself with how much fun you can have while fast-tracking your weight loss results. With Dance by Transform, it doesn’t feel like a workout!

Meet Emily, a busy mom of 5, wife, and your certified dance instructor.

With over 20 years in the fitness industry, 10 of them teaching dance fitness, Emily has helped show thousands of people how to transform, one dance move at a time. She’s poured all of her experience into this 12-week program to help you get moving, break a sweat, burn calories, and have fun doing it!

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12-Week Program

Weight loss shouldn’t be boring! That’s exactly why we created this amazing 12-week dance program. You’ll be learning fun dances, breaking a sweat, and burning those calories.

Through The Transform App, you’ll get a completely customized nutrition plan to help you accelerate your weight loss results, satisfy your cravings, and keep you feeling fueled.

You can get in a complete dance workout in 10 minutes or more a day!

From the warm-ups to the cooldowns, these upbeat songs will have you cranking up the volume and dancing like no one is watching–and you’re going to LOVE every second of it!

Customized Nutrition

10 Min. Or More a Day

Dance It Off!

A Customized Nutrition Plan to Fit Your Needs

Through The Transform App, you’ll get a completely customized nutrition plan based on your goals and needs. These meals utilize our proven carb cycling method we've used for years to help keep people feeling full, fueled, and seeing results!

Access to All Programs in The Transform App

With your app subscription, you’ll get access to ALL the programs in The Transform App. Take your pick from exercise programs like Dance, Cross Training, and more and start seeing results!

The Transform App is Helping 27,000+ People Transform Right Now

Results vary based on starting point and effort. 

Dance It Off!

Select Your Transform App Package with The Dance by Transform Program

Includes Full App Access

Daily Workout & Meal Plans

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$14.99 Per Month



*Billed monthly



Includes Full App Access

Daily Workout & Meal Plans

Easy Cancellation at Anytime

$9.99 per month




*Billed every 3  months


Includes Full App Access 

Daily Workouts & Meal Plans

Easy Cancellation at Anytime

$7.49 Per Month




*Billed every 12 months

The Dance Program is powered by the #1 rated transformation app

The Transform App will design you a personalized weight loss & transformation plan just like the ones you've seen on our hit TV show!

How The Transform App Works


12 Months to The Transform App

2 Meal Replacement Shakes

2 Boost Shots

1 Transform Blender Bottle




Dance It Off!Dance It Off!Dance It Off!Dance It Off!

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Do I need a gym membership for the Dance by Transform Program?

No, you do not need a gym membership! You can do this Dance by Transform program from the comfort of your own home through The Transform App! 

Can I toggle between the Dance program and the other programs available?

Yes, you can switch between all the exercise programs on The Transform App. When switching, the app will ask if you want to "Continue" or "Restart" your program. ALWAYS hit continue, NOT restart. If you leave one program, your workouts will pause at the day you left and start back up when you return. That way you can enjoy multiple transformation paths at the same time!

Is this Dance by Transform program an expert level program?

This program was designed for all levels! Each week you’ll be adding a new dance and running through previous ones, as well as starting off each day with a warm-up and ending with a cool down. You’ll also have the option to add additional Tone & Pump Bonus dance workouts if you want to take it up a notch!  

Can I track my macros with The Transform App? 

All of the macros are pre-calculated for you to give you the most optimal experience as you progress through the app, which makes it so easy. If you look at your planner before auto-suggesting your meals, you will see your target macros and calories for each meal. If you still want to track your macros, all of the recipes from the app have been added to BOTH the MyFitnessPal and MyMacros+ apps. If your weight ever plateaus, Transform will change your macros AND carb cycle if you select to adjust your program.

Is the customer service just for IT and account concerns, or is it for my nutrition and program questions as well?

Our customer service team is here to answer all app, nutrition, and exercise questions for you! Our team has been trained by us to make sure that the answers you get are coming from us. We have all worked together for years and have all contributed in transforming thousands of lives together.


Dance It Off In 10 Minutes or More a Day