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How Chris + Heidi Use Boost Shot

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Chris uses his Boost Shot EVERY DAY! He first likes to use it as a pre-workout in the morning. The second time he takes it is when he hits the "afternoon slump" around 2-3 PM! Chris LOVES Boost Shot. 😉


Heidi knows what it's like to be running errands ALL DAY. Can anyone else relate? Between being the mama of 4 kiddos and helping run Transform she uses her Boost Shot in the afternoon when she needs a BOOST of energy!

Chris + Heidi's Favorite Meal Replacement Shake Recipes!


This Strawberry Banana Smoothie with ROCK YOUR TASTEBUDS! It’s super easy to prepare and takes less than a minute to make. Watch Chris make this smoothie with his sidekick and see how delicious and easy it is to make!


YES PLEASE! This shake recipe is perfect as a quick morning smoothie to kickstart your day or as a reward after a workout!

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