Why You’ll Find “Junk Foods” in Our Meal Plans & STILL Achieve Results

September 5th, 2019 by Transform HQ

Now hold on just a second. You just read the title of this blog, and you might be thinking, “WHAT?! That doesn’t make sense!” 

Hold the phone–don’t worry, we’re going to explain. But just know that before we begin, our nutritional approach (allowing junk foods strategically as options) has helped thousands and thousands of people achieve absolutely incredible weight loss results–results they’ve never experienced before.

Alright, let’s get to it!

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Many People Can’t Handle Extreme Behavioral Changes 

Why You’ll Find “Junk Foods” in Our Meal Plans & STILL Lose Weight


Over the past 20 years, Chris and Heidi have shown millions of people how to lose weight through their hit weight loss tv show, their best-selling books, public appearances, and now The Transform App–a complete weight loss and transformation program.

They know how to help people achieve results like never before, and, yet, a handful of health professionals and nutritionists might disagree with some of the food options that Chris and Heidi allow on their weight loss meal plans. 

For those few health professionals, there is no wiggle room: no diet soda, no sugar, no fried foods. You must move to real, whole, natural, unprocessed foods immediately and all at once.

And here’s the thing: If every single person were able to take on all these diet changes all at once and not give up, stumble, quit, and then suffer through the emotional damage of perceived “failure,” we’d be all for it! 

To be honest, switching to these whole, natural, unprocessed foods is always going to be the healthiest method for your body. There’s no doubt about it! 

But mentally, making this drastic change in nutrition all at once is a completely different story. 

While Chris, Heidi, and the Transform Coaches 100% agree with these health professionals on the direction people should be heading when it comes to eating healthy, the way we’re going to get there is groundbreaking and unique.

And here’s why!

Based on Chris and Heidi’s 3 decades of combined experience working with thousands and thousands of individuals, many people can’t make such extreme behavioral changes. Many people struggle going immediately from not watching what they are eating to eating strictly whole, organic, natural, unprocessed foods.

Let’s repeat that again:

Many people can’t make extreme behavioral changes.

Even more, our surveys show that out of the thousands of people we surveyed who have tried to lose weight, a staggering 64% of them said they’ve tried to lose weight 5 times throughout their life!

In fact, 40% of those who responded said they’ve tried over 15 times to lose weight and take back control of their health!

Taking on too many changes overnight can be completely overwhelming and just too much.

With the best of intentions, people take on way too much all at once, trying to take a transformational leap from Point A to Point Z

They essentially bite off more than they can chew, and they can’t take all those changes at once. So they fail. They get discouraged, and they quit again.

And this emotional damage of feeling like a “failure” is so destructive. This emotional self-inflicted damage is so destructive that it’s almost better if they never tried in the first place.

That’s where a lot of people are missing out. They aren’t considering the behavioral element of change.

Small Changes Will Lead to Incredible Results

Chris and Heidi Powell with the transform community

At Transform, we focus on the small, but important, steps that will lead to the biggest results. We focus on constantly making progress.

Instead of trying to hop from Point A all the way to Point Z in one gigantic leap, how about we start off just moving from Point A to Point B?

How about we start making sure you’re eating protein at every meal because protein is important for helping keep you feeling fuller for longer periods of time.

How about we focus on drinking enough water (roughly half your body weight in ounces) to stay hydrated, energized, and in control of your hunger?

Or how about we make sure that you focus on limiting your sodium to 3,000 mg and sugar consumption to 50g or less each day?

These steps get us moving in the right direction. They get us moving from Point A to Point B, Point C, and onward!

This type of progress leads to amazing positive momentum towards your weight loss goals.

And because we’re focused on the behavioral aspect of weight loss, that’s exactly why we allow “junk foods” as options.

The Transform App Strategically Uses Junk Food to Help You Achieve Real, Sustainable Results

Because Chris and Heidi know most people struggle with making massive changes all at once, and that many people start and stop with their weight loss goals repeatedly, they’ve focused instead on making transformation realistic AND sustainable.

After showing millions of people how to transform their lives on national television, Chris and Heidi spent several years pouring their 3 decades of combined weight loss and transformation experience into the most complete transformation program–ever. 

It’s called The Transform App. 

And because Chris and Heidi designed The Transform App to help you achieve lasting weight loss results in a sustainable and realistic way, the app strategically allows “junk foods” as part of its meal plans.

That’s right:

The Transform App can incorporate junk foods to make your transformation progress easier and more sustainable so you keep seeing weight loss results.

But how is this possible?

The Transform App takes into account the complete nutritional profile and the caloric impact these “junk foods” have on your weight loss goals, and then the App strategically fits them into your meal plan as options on specific days!

It’s important to note, though, that the meal plans on The Transform App aren’t a “free for all” to eat whatever you want, whenever you want! Rather, The Transform App creates a customized meal plan to fit YOUR needs, YOUR goals, and YOUR preferences. 

If you need a snack like a rice crispy treat once in a while, or if you need pizza or a hamburger as part of your meal, those food options will be there. 

Your meal plan through The Transform App is extremely flexible–so flexible, in fact, that the app will meet you at whatever point you’re currently at and give you the proper steps to continue progressing until you are ultimately happy and healthy at Point Z

At the end of the day, transformation needs to be real, achievable, and sustainable.

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The Dangers of Ultra-Processed Foods

As certified nutritionists and trainers, we wholeheartedly agree with health professionals on where we want to go. Ultimately, the end goal is to focus on whole, natural, unprocessed foods.

Ultra-processed foods (foods created in factories–soft drinks, chips, instant noodles, packaged bread, etc.) seem to be everywhere!

In fact, in a recent analysis of more than 230,000 products, researchers found that more than 70% of them were classified as ultra-processed.  

In addition, of the top 25 food manufacturers by sales volume, 86% of their products were classified as ultra-processed. 

So what’s the big deal with ultra-processed foods, and why should we try and avoid them?

Sugar & Sodium Can Destroy Weight Loss

Ultra-processed foods tend to be really high in sugar AND sodium, both of which will trainwreck your weight loss goals and eventually cause other health problems.

Problems like:

Research shows that 57.9% of the calories you consume each day are from ultra-processed foods. And guess what? This includes 90% of the added sugars (sugars that don’t occur naturally in food) you consume each day. 

In ultra-processed foods, sugar makes up 21.1% of the calories on average! 

As far as salt goes, the American Heart Association recommends no more than 2,300 milligrams (about 1 teaspoon) of salt daily, and the ideal target for most adults is actually 1,500 mg.

Most adults get FAR TOO MUCH SALT PER DAY. The Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention estimate that the average American eats 3,400 milligrams every day!

Just to illustrate the point even further:

A recent study conducted by the NIH looked into the weight gain implications of ultra-processed food vs. unprocessed foods. Half of the participants were assigned to an ultra-processed diet and half were assigned to a diet of unprocessed foods.

Each group ate 3 meals and 2 snacks each day and were allowed to eat as much as they wanted. 

And after 2 weeks, the participants switched groups to create a crossover study. This improves the reliability of the results since each person takes part in both arms of the study.

Guess what?

The study found participants on average ate 500 more calories per day and they gained over 2lbs. during the 2 weeks on the ultra-processed food diet. 

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They’ll also provide workout modifications for every single exercise. Whether you want to train from home or at the gym, The Transform App has you covered!

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