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STOP DRINKING drinking your calories! Drinking your calories with sodas, energy drinks, and juices can sabotage your weight loss.


To combat this, we Boost Shot, a healthy alternative that...


✅ Tastes absolutely DELICIOUS

✅ Aids fat loss and fat mobilization

✅ Delivers mental clarity and focus

✅ Gives you a clean boost of energy

✅ Instant and sustained energy release


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Benefits of Chris + Heidi Boost Shot

Helps Boosts Energy

Gives you instant and sustained energy without the crash.

Helps Boost Weight Loss Efforts

Aids with fat reduction and weight loss.

Helps Boost Focus & Mental Clarity

Supports focus to help you stay on track even on your busiest days.

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Watch Chris & Heidi Talk About How & Why They Use Boost Shot

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We stand behind our products 100%. From the ingredient label, to the quality, texture, and performance. We’re so confident in our products that to put you at ease, we offer a hassle-free 1-year money-back guarantee!

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