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Benefits of Chris + Heidi's Shakes

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 Curb Hunger and Cravings

The ultimate meal replacement shake to help control hunger and satisfy your cravings.

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Support Weight Loss Goals

A convenient meal you can use to replace up to 2 meals a day. Each tub has 28 delicious servings!

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Deliciously Smooth Taste

Deliciously smooth, and perfect for your grab n’ go shake or recipes, the Shake makes transformation tastier than ever.

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Limited Supply: Brand New Transform Shaker Bottle

Transform Shaker Bottle

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The same grab & go convenience now in an all-new look, our Transform Shaker Bottle features a leak-free twist cap and comes with a rubber ball for ultimate mixability.


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What Others Are Saying About the Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake

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We know that life happens sometimes, and for whatever reason, you may have to jump off your subscription for a while. We wanted to make that process as easy as possible for you.


With just one click, you can cancel your subscription. That's right, no more talking to pushy salesmen, sending 100 emails, and being on hold for hours on end. One click and that's it!

1 Year Money Back Guarantee


We stand behind our products 100%. From the ingredient label, to the quality, texture, and performance. We’re so confident in our products that to put you at ease, we offer a hassle-free 1-year money-back guarantee!

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