Transform Nation (Ep 2): Meet Marlisse

February 9th, 2019 by Transform HQ

On this episode, Chris and Heidi head to Camp LeJeune, North Carolina, to share Marlisse’s transformation with the world.

She is a real-life superhero!

This Navy wife and mother of almost-5 is nothing short of a fighter. With 3 of her kids living with autism, she has devoted her life to her family, her country, her community, autism awareness, and her group of stroller-running moms who she helps support as they support her. Watch our visit with Marlisse to see how she transformed from postpartum mom of four to stage-ready in her first bodybuilding competition while using The Transform App.

You can watch our whole visit with Marlisse right now:

Transform Nation (Episode 2)

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One response to “Transform Nation (Ep 2): Meet Marlisse”

  1. Cathy OHeron

    Wow thanks so very much for today’s video.
    I wok up yesterday with a flu/cold bug and feel physically sick and mentally sorry for myself. I know workout out today might not happen and started having a pity party until I watched your video. I realize I have to rest when sick but this is a perfect time to try to manage this app. I look at all the recipes and workouts and follow the workouts but not the food very well. I am celiac and lactose intolerant and struggle with substitutions. Lots of days I don’t eat near enough and skip snacks and then workout and then too tired or frustrated to eat by the plan.
    Technology is kicking my butt.
    I have been studying to be a yoga teacher and wow that is a challenge and sometimes I use a hot yoga class as a substitute for a meal and my gym plan . I know this is wrong and also realize I’m off track and disappointment in me is heavy today but enough of trying to manage it on my own…for once in my life I am asking for help!! I am going to be 57 soon and am so grateful for my life and my husband and children and grandchildren so…enough of these tears ….I am so very grateful for this push today and truly grateful for this app and will be more as soon as I figure it out more to help me as much as it is helping so many others.
    God bless you Chris and Heidi 🙏