The Science Behind Your Metabolism & How to Boost It to Maximize Weight Loss

July 24th, 2019 by Transform HQ

Controlling weight loss (and weight gain) has everything to do with your metabolism. But what exactly is “metabolism,” and how can you boost it to maximize weight loss?

Chris and Heidi are going to break down the science of weight loss in the video below by diving into the 3 components of your metabolism. Throughout this blog, you’re going to learn how to rev up your metabolism so you can maximize weight loss.

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The 3 Components of Your Metabolism

Breaking Down the Science of Weight Loss


Controlling weight loss (and weight gain) has everything to do with your metabolism.

Chris and Heidi are going to break down the science of weight loss in the video below so you can understand exactly how your metabolism works.

First things first: Metabolism means changing energy, and it is the measure of the rate at which your body transfers energy from the food you eat to sustaining your body’s life systems and movement.

Your metabolism is actually composed of 3 different components. Let’s run through each of them and how you can help boost them to maximize your results.

1. Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR).

Your RMR is the product of the tissue on your body, your heart rate, your lungs, your diaphragm contracting so you can breathe, etc. It makes up the majority of your metabolism.

If you were to wake up and lie in bed for 24 hours, that would be your RMR. It’s the rate at which your body burns energy when it’s at complete rest, and it’s a major determinant of energy balance and weight changes. Pretty crazy how your body is still doing tons of work even when you are “resting”!

How to Influence Your RMR

Since one thing that influences your RMR is the amount of tissue on your body, it’s important we talk about your muscles. Your muscles are the most active living tissues on your body, so it’s super important to maintain and build them. Muscles burn more calories than fat tissue, and the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you will burn.

If you want to influence your RMR, then you need to focus on building muscle.

The findings in this study suggest that caloric intake and daily exercise can influence your RMR. Exercise at an adequate intensity and duration may also have an impact on your RMR, which leads us to our next component.

2. Thermic Effect of Physical Activity (TEA).

When you wake up in the morning and sit up (using your abs), then you walk to the bathroom (using your legs and body), that’s the thermic effect of physical activity (TEA). This is the amount of energy you output during the day, depending on how active you are.

If you are trying to take control of your health and weight loss journey, this is definitely one thing you need to pay attention to.

As we continue to see increases in obesity and type 2 diabetes, more and more studies are coming out examining physical activity (bodily movements) as well as energy expenditure and their effects on the body.

Though any exercise is better than no exercise, the energy output during any type of exercise is extremely important.

How to Influence Your TEA

The American Heart Association has recommendations for physical activity in adults and kids.

Physical Activity Recommendations for Adults:

  • Shoot for at least 150 minutes per week of moderate-intensity aerobic activity or 75 minutes per week of vigorous aerobic activity. A combination of both spread throughout the week is preferred.
  • On at least 2 days per week, add a moderate to high-intensity muscle-strengthening activity (like resistance or weights).
  • Choose to be more active: stairs over the elevator, standing desk over the traditional desk, anything to be less sedentary.

Physical Activity Recommendations for Kids:

  • Kids 3-5 years old should be moving a lot throughout the day. That means less tv and more playtime outside!
  • Kids 6-17 years old should get at least 60 minutes EACH DAY of moderate to vigorous-intensity physical activity (aerobic, so sign up your kids for sports and encourage them to get out and be active.
  • Go for vigorous-intensity activity at least 3 days per week.
  • Shoot for muscle and bone-strengthening (weight-bearing) activities at least 3 days per week. Get a variety of weights that the entire family can use.

If you’re looking for a starting point, these tips are a great place to jump in. But that’s just the beginning!

3. Thermic Effect of Food (or feeding) (TEF).

reset meal

This final component accounts for the least amount (and is definitely the most delicious). Whenever you eat, it takes a lot of calories to digest your food.

Fueling Your Metabolic Engine

As mentioned above, it’s extremely important to maintain and build your muscles as they are the most active living tissues in your body. You want to keep your metabolic engine as high and as hot as possible because the hotter the engine, the more fat you burn!

That’s how you burn calories, but you still need to fuel your body.

You control the machine (metabolism) by consuming fuel. If you take in fewer calories than you need, your body is going to tap into your stored body fat for fuel, and consequently, you will lose fat, and you will lose weight too.

If you take in more calories than you need, your body will store that extra fuel. If you’ve been doing resistance training, your body is going to try and store the excess calories as muscle! WIN!

If you haven’t been loading and stimulating muscles for growth, and you’re taking in excess calories, they’re going to be stored as fat.

How to Influence Your TEF

It’s not just important to eat any food (fuel), what you eat matters! Your body burns calories as it digests food, and certain foods use more calories to digest them. All hail PROTEIN!

Studies have shown protein to have a higher thermic effect on food than carbohydrates and fats:

  • Thermic effect of protein (around 20-30%)
  • Thermic effect of fats (0-3%)
  • Thermic effect of carbohydrates (5-10%)

So if you were to consume 200 calories of protein, your body would require/burn 20-30% of the calories to digest it, which equates to about 40-60 calories.

A well-balanced diet is important. You need to make sure you have enough proteins, carbs, and fat to make the muscle you want.

Make sure to pay special attention to protein!

Controlling Your Weight Loss

You just need to remember a few key points:

You are in control of your weight! Whether you want to lose weight or gain weight, you can achieve your goals with a little science and hard work.

  1. Your body is working even when it’s resting. The better care you take of your body during your active parts of the day can have a major impact on how your body works when it’s resting. Build those muscles!
  2. Daily physical activity is recommended for a strong and healthy body, and the intensity of your workout makes a huge difference.
  3. Fuel your metabolic engine with healthy foods and make sure to get enough protein. It’s yummy, AND it uses more calories to digest it.

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