Buy Boost Shot Variety Box, Get One Free (VIP Offer)

Buy Boost Shot Variety Box, Get One Free! (VIP Offer)

The delicious, zero-calorie drink mix that boosts energy & supports fat loss.

Each box contains 7 stick packs of each flavor (28 total stick packs per box).

Choose from:
Bestsellers Box: Blue Raspberry, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Lemonade, & Peach Mango
Childhood Favorites: Cherry Limeade, Orange Blast, Grape, & Watermelon

This is a one-time purchase. No subscription is required.

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Product Info

What is Chris + Heidi’s Boost Shot?

It’s a boost of Energy

With a unique ‘no-crash’ caffeine blend plus a full shot of B-vitamins for energy, Chris + Heidi’s Boost Shot will give you instant and sustained energy and increased focus throughout your busy day.

It’s a Focus and Mental Clarity Support

Ingredients like Cognizin® and L-Theanine supplies your brain with the energy it needs to stay focused, think clearly, and increase concentration.

It’s a Delicious Fat Loss Drink

Our formulation helps rev up your metabolism to increase fat loss, decrease appetite, and support appetite suppressing hormones.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Key Ingredients

Full Shot of B-Vitamins

These essential vitamins play a significant role in maintaining a feeling of well-being in your body while giving you an instant boost of energy and focus.


Caffeine From Natural Sources

No more unhealthy add-ins and unnecessary fillers for your engery boost. The caffeine in Boost Shot comes from only natural sources for a clean, refined energy boost.


Nootropics for Mental Clarity

These are your laser focus, sharp attention, and detailed memory super ingredients! The Nootropics in Boost Shot support overall mental clarity and brain health.

How to Use Boost Shot

  Mix one scoop with 16 oz. of water.


  Shake or stir thoroughly.


  Enjoy energy, focus, and clarity!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can it really help me burn fat?

Ingredients like Purecaf®, Choline Bitartrate, and BioPerine® help burn that pesky fat by revving up your metabolism.

When your metabolism is high or fast, you are able to burn more calories during your exercises or at rest.

How does it give me a sustained boost of energy?

We went on a search to find the best ingredients possible for you to get a sustained release of energy. Between BioPerine®, VitaShure® Caffeine SR, and Purecaf® Organic Caffeine, we believe we have the absolute best ingredients that release their energy boosts at different times.

That’s why when you first drink Boost Shot, you get a kickstart of energy, and as time goes by, other ingredients start working to give you sustained energy with no crash.

How many servings are in each tub?

Great question! In every tub of Chris + Heidi’s Boost Shot, you will get 28 servings of delicious, energy-filed, fat-blasting goodness!

How does the “no-crash” caffeine blend work?

We formulated our Boost Shot to have an instant and sustained release of energy. With the ingredients put in each serving, you will get a boost of energy when you drink it, then as time goes on, our other premium ingredients start to activate and get you an additional boost of energy. This continues to happen as you slowly go back to your original energy level without a sudden drop off of energy.

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