8-Week Perfect Workout Stack

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Choose your favorite flavor of protein, bcaas, and pre-workout (non-stim “caffeine free” versions available).

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Product Information

8-Week Perfect Workout Stack

Get the most of of each and every workout with Chris + Heidi’s new Perform line of supplements! The 8-Week Perfect Workout stack gives you everything you need to maximize your workout results. Choose from caffeine and caffeine-free “non-stim” versions!

2 Tubs of Perform Pre-Workout (take before your workout)

Natural energy plus an electrolyte blend & more to support your workout intensity and results. Choose from caffeine and non-stim (caffeine free) versions!

  • Helps accelerate workout results
  • Intensifies training with clean energy
  • A pre-workout you can feel
  • Available in Blue Raspberry and Pineapple Mango with a Delicious Flavor Guarantee

Learn More about Perform Pre-Workout HERE.

2 Tubs of Perform BCAAs (take during your workout)

BCAAs in a studied 2:1:1 ratio plus a hydration blend to help support workout performance, recovery, and results.

  • Helps accelerate workout results
  • Helps ensure muscle recovery is optimized
  • Hydration Blend to help increase workout performance
  • Available in Kiwi Strawberry and Raspberry Lemonade with a Delicious Flavor Guarantee!

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2 Tubs of Perform Whey Protein Isolate (take right after your workout)

Reduce muscle soreness and support an optimal recovery process, so you can build a lean, strong physique.

  • Supports muscle recovery & growth
  • Helps reduce soreness
  • 25g whey protein isolate, only 120 calories, 1g fat
  • Available in Chocolate and Vanilla with a Delicious Flavor Guarantee!

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1 Transform BlenderBottle®

  • 28 oz. Transform branded Pro Series BlenderBottle®
  • Made from odor-resistant Eastman Tritan™ plastic
  • Rounded base for enhanced mixing

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