Transform Nation: Mary Jackson's comeback After Hurricane Harvey

Transform Nation: Mary Jackson's comeback After Hurricane Harvey
Meet Mary Jackson: survivor, fighter, and transformer. Hurricane Harvey took almost everything from her, but not her fighting spirit!
Mary’s story starts before Hurricane Harvey. For years she had tried other ways to lose weight but she would always plateau until she found Transform.
She was a huge fan of Chris and Heidi’s worldwide hit TV show, “those people [the contestants] are so lucky, if I could just have them [Chris and Heidi] do that for me, then I could do it, then you came out with the app and I did it.”
It wasn’t all smooth-sailing though. She was disciplined, determined, and driven!

How Mary Fought Back After Hurricane Harvey

Before Hurricane Harvey swept Mary’s life away, she was on track to her weight loss goals. She was eating good meals. She even had two weeks of prepped meals in her freezer.
Then Mary lost everything from the bottom floor of her house.
But she didn’t let that stop her from getting her life back.

“When I lost my home in the flood, the app helped me get through it after.”

Mary lost 65lbs in 7 months!! In her words, “it [the weight] just kept coming off.”
She loved watching other transformation videos, mentioning how much they helped and encouraged her.
If you are a part of the Transform Community on Facebook, then you might already recognize Mary.

“...As I posted things from the flood, people were so loving and supportive.”

She found support from the Transform community but she also relies on a group of friends that are, “helping her walk through trying times.” These were the friends who helped go through her damaged house, who found her a new place to live, and who continue to stand by her.

The Journey of Transformation Never Ends

Watching Mary’s story, you can see that she is full of positivity, joy, and fulfillment.
Mary bought the Transform App as a commitment to improving herself. She thought she would never reach her goal, but through consistency and trusting the process, she did it!
Every transformation journey is different, but the right tools can help anyone.
Transform App Tools:
  • Chris and Heidi as your trainers
  • Personalized workouts
  • Meal plans and grocery lists
  • A community transforming right with you
  • And so much more
We each have our own “Hurricane Harvey’s” in our life. Something that knocks us down and tries to keep us down. Don’t let it. Fight back as Mary did.
Get the best tools for your Transformation Journey!
Make sure to watch Mary’s story for some encouragement. Get the tissues handy. And take a look at the Transform App to get started on your own journey:
Download the transform app here

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