All About Heidi Powell: Your Questions Answered!

All About Heidi Powell: Your Questions Answered!
Hey! Heidi Powell here. The TransformHQ family passed along some questions they’ve been seeing from you guys. I couldn’t let Chris have all the fun answering questions, so I wanted to share my answers with you as well.

Q: How old is Heidi Powell?

A lady never tells her age. ? Just kidding, the internet holds no secrets anymore. I’m 37 years old! I’m older, wiser, a little bit wrinklier, with maybe one or two more grey hairs.


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This is 37. ? I might be getting older, seeing more grey, and noticing wrinkles + sagging body parts that I can’t quite combat like I used to. But as the clock ticks, birthdays pass, kids grow, and the idea that “life’s short” becomes increasingly more REAL by the day...I know I have two options: . 1️⃣. I can let the anxiety of aging and every passing year get the best of me, as I rummage through old photos of ‘how I used to look,’ or ‘before I made all these mistakes.’...spending the PRESENT being absorbed in the PAST...while my body and face (along with my loved ones) continue their journey toward the FUTURE. Or, I could... 2️⃣. Realize what I have (which is so much), enjoy these precious moments (that I will NEVER get back) for what they are, and APPRECIATE the fact that I AM OLDER, I AM WISER...and the Heidi of the past might have looked younger, had fewer lines, felt more energetic on less sleep, and made far fewer mistakes. But she wasn’t near the person that I am today. She hadn’t lived or learned enough to love as deeply, appreciate as massively, and understand the world the way I do today. . I have much, MUCH more to learn. And I’ve got to figure out how to NOT let the unimportant parts of aging nag at me occasionally. ???? But...I am incredibly grateful for: ❤️ How far I’ve come on my journey to overcome my own battles, ❤️ For the incredible family I have that shows me more love than I deserve, ❤️ And for you guys...who literally brought me to tears today when I hopped on social media to see the outpouring of love and support for my birthday. THANK YOU is not enough. ? Thank you for loving me for who I am and who I am not. You made this closer-to-forty mama feel pretty amazing.??❤️ . Each year presents new presents IF we can remain present.” ? (I think I just made that up...and even added quotations to it ?) So. Many. Presents. Especially this last year. . BRING ON 37! ??❤️???

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Q: How much does Heidi Powell weigh?

Whoa, Whoa! First my age and now my weight. ? I get it, it’s my job to be a fitness trainer where I’m constantly talking about weight, measurements, food, etc. so, it makes sense that you guys are curious about my weight as well! I will tell you, my weight fluctuates just like with most of you. But I’m usually around 115-120 lbs. 
The funny thing about weight is how much it can change from day to day depending on when you measure, what you eat, what you’re wearing, how much water your body is retaining, and on and on. Check out this video where I go into more detail.

Scale Funk - Why You Cant Trust the Scale!

The scale isn't everything. Watch as Heidi Powell steps on 6 different scales and shows you why you can't always trust them and why you should be paying attention to important "Non-Scale Victories" (NSVs).

Also, don’t forget about NSVs (Non-Scale Victories). The number on the scale is one thing, but being able to shorten your belt by 1 loop is a game changer!
What about being able to play with your kids without getting tired? Those NSVs are worth celebrating just as much (if not more) than the number on the scale. 
Check out this list of more NSVs to look out for and celebrate as you go along your transformation journey!

Q: How many kids does Heidi Powell have?

I have four amazing kids and two fur babies. They are the loves of my life and my WHY for everything I do. And I know I am biased, but I think they are all pretty cute! If you want to learn more about my kiddos, they are alllll over my Instagram.


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Forever one of my favorite photos, with my forever favorite people. ???????‍♂️??‍♀️??????? #ForeverMyWhy

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Q: Who is Heidi Powell (or what is Heidi Powell)? 

This one makes me laugh! I’m trying to figure out “what” I am all the time! But here’s what I’ve figured out so far on this journey we call life: I’m extremely passionate about family and helping people transform their lives.
Helping others realize their innate value, worthiness, beauty, and potential in life truly fills my cup. YOUR success is my success...also your struggles are mine too. I am HIGHLY motivated to help everyone in my life find happiness, peace, and fulfillment however I am able.
Now as for “who” I am: First and foremost, I’m the mother of four of the most incredible kiddos, and a devoted wife to Chris Powell. They are my world! I am a daughter, sister, and unconditionally loving friend to many.
As a fitness expert and mommy/women empoweress (is that even a word?) for the past 2 decades or so, I’ve been able to help coach and guide millions of people toward achieving their health and wellness goals, and live their BEST LIFE!
I’m also an extremely passionate business entrepreneur, a blogger, a NY Times bestselling author (more on that below), motivational speaker, real-estate enthusiast, and a forever-silly and totally unfiltered teeenager at heart!

Q: How did Chris and Heidi Powell meet?

I met Chris at a self-improvement seminar 11 years ago. That was a tough time in my life as a single mom of two battling an eating disorder (and coincidentally, in Chris’ as well), so it was kind of serendipitous how we got together. We were forced to get to know each other at our “worst”, which provided an incredible foundation for love and appreciation at our best.
One of the best parts of our meeting at the lowest points in our lives is that we were able to work through a bunch of our crap side-by-side, using each other as our accountability partners and support. We failed and succeed MUCH with each other through this process, and ultimately transformed each of our own lives hand-in-hand, guiding one another.
It was beautiful and ugly all at once, and it taught us some of the most powerful lessons in life-change...also known as transformation. These powerful lessons that changed OUR lives are exactly what we’ve documented and laid out to help change the lives of millions during our career as transformation specialists.
Check out this video to hear more about how we met and to learn what Chris’ cheesy pick up line was! (HINT: it may or may not have been about my biceps! ?)

Meet The Powells: How did you meet?

Five years with you.

Q: Does Heidi Powell have a before and after?


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I can’t let National Eating Disorder Awareness Week pass without celebrating how far I’ve come. I post this not for me, but for you...yes, YOU. The one reading this right now worried that there is no hope beyond your own destructive, secretive, and hellish relationship w/ food. . There. Is. Hope. Everything is going to be okay. I promise. You are not alone. You are beautiful and worthy...even WITH your struggles. . In the depths of my own eating disorder, I never thought in a million years I would be happy with who I was. “Weight, scales, body image, exercise, food, dieting, restricting, binging, purging, fear, failure,” were just a handful of awful words that would plague my mind daily for over a decade as I battled the strongest of opponents: MYSELF. . I fought these damn demons each and every day. Each day attempting to release myself from the hell I was living. Each day striving for a healthier life. . Day after day, month after month, year after year, I failed. Each failed attempt was proof that I’d always suffer, and that I would never live a “normal” life. Many time worrying my body could handle the stress I was giving it, and that maybe I wouldn’t make it to the next day. . The picture on the left is me at 17 in the place I mentioned above. This wasn’t even the worst of it…fast forward 6 years—I was married with a baby on the way and still didn’t have my crap together. Still hiding. . Becoming a mother, learning to be selfless, and opening my eyes to the power of VULNERABILITY were a few of the best things that ever happened to me. Without vulnerability + courage, healing cannot happen. . Two kids, one divorce, a new husband, and two more kids later, I am healthier than ever before. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. While it has been a slow journey, the fact that I’m eating 2400 calories a day to build muscle will never be anything short of a miracle to me...because the thought of increasing size absolutely terrified me before! . At 36 years old and 25 lbs. heavier than I’ve been the majority of my adult life, I feel sexier, stronger, more beautiful and confident than ever before. **(CONTINUED IN COMMENTS)**

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Oh yes! Here’s one before and after that is very personal to me, but I feel it is very important to share it with you guys. 
Chris and I talk about this a lot, but I want to say it again: Every single person has their own unique goals. Maybe you want to lose 100+ lbs. Maybe you want to gain 20 lbs. Maybe you want to stay the same weight but tone more. Every before and after comes with a unique story. 
If you’ve followed me on social media, you’ve seen me talk about my story. It involves a very severe and dark time in my life, rooting in an eating disorder and body dysmorphia.
While the shame of such a struggle made it incredibly hard for me to talk about for MOST of my adult life (even years after I was recovering), I learned in my years of transforming lives that MY struggle was nearly identical to the struggles experienced by the 450 lbs women on our show. Same addiction, different story. We were one in the same, and my opening up about my historical struggles not only helped heal THEM but also MYSELF.
This before and after shows me at 17 years old vs. me today. While my before picture might not look like your typical “before”, the truth is that the hurt and the pain was not visible to the eye. I was very good at hiding my eating disorder, and hiding anything only leads to a life of misery, guilt, shame, and repeated unhealthy patterns. I was ridden with self-doubt and negativity, and I didn’t believe my presence made much of a difference in this world. The pain I felt is a pain I NEVER want my kids, friends, loved ones, or you to feel.
I am a much different woman today. I look back on where I was and want to hug that Heidi...and let her know life gets oh so much better. I want to remind her that those dark moments are going to eventually be the BIGGEST strength and source of relatability in coaching when she FINALLY overcomes and learns from her mistakes. 
Where am I now? I have miraculously grown and birthed 4 beautiful babies in my about a miracle! I have one heck of a life partner who also happens to be the father of my kids and my business/vision-partner. And best of all?
My body, mind, and soul are healthier than they have ever been. Yes, I am 25 lbs heavier (part muscle, part fat) than I’ve been for the majority of my life, but most importantly I FINALLY feel confident, proud, secure (most days!), beautiful, and sexy...WITH my flaws and imperfections! As with any transformation, mine had to happen internally before I could be happy externally.

Q: Where do Chris and Heidi Powell live?

Heidi powell in cactus garden
In case you want to send me flowers (peonies please), my address is…ha, just kidding! Chris and I live in sunny, hot-as-heck, and usually-sweaty Arizona...but it’s a “dry heat” so we love it! (??...everyone says that, but HOT is HOT!)
Hot or not, it is my home. It is where I was raised, went to school, married and raised my babies, and is most likely where I’ll one day retire. My entire family is in Arizona (siblings and parents included), and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to permanently leave my tight-knit, unconditionally loving group of peeps!
If you follow along on my blog, you might have seen me post a thing or two about living in Arizona. Here’s one blog post that talks about my favorite places to visit if you’re ever in the neighborhood!

Q: Does Heidi Powell have any books?

I’ve published 3 books! I have two New York Times Bestselling books that I co-wrote with my hubby (Chris): Extreme Transformation and Choose More, Lose More for Life!
Chris and I have also co-written a guide to help you learn the basics of effective flexible dieting: Macro Counting 101 
I must say that my passion-project in the book work was penned by me and released April 2019, called, Abs After Baby. This book is designed to guide and love postpartum moms through the journey after baby and help diagnose and heal a common postpartum condition called ‘diastasis recti.’
I have three other books I am currently working on to help people through different aspects of their own journey. Stay tuned!
Heidi Powell and Chris Powell on the cover of Extreme Transformation book
Macro Counting 101 Ebook Chris + Heidi Powell

Each of these books was created to help you live your best, healthiest life. 

Q: What is Heidi Powell’s YouTube channel?

Great question! You can find my YouTube channel here
I vlog my workouts, recipes, tips and tricks to body change, transformation stories, life updates, Q&A’s, and more! I’m an open book, so nothing is off limits!
If you’re ready for some fun and major laughs, blended with some killer life-hacks, head on over to my YouTube channel!

Q: Where’s Heidi Powell’s blog?

You can find my blog here. I stay very active on my blog, so if you’re the reading type, you’ll definitely want to check it out.
You can find quick fitness tips, nutrition tips, mom hacks, perspective pieces on how to create happiness, style ideas, and much, much more!

Q: What is the best weight loss pill?

Heidi Powell candid photo moment
This is a question I get a lot. We all have busy lives and trying to lose weight is definitely not something that happens overnight. So, a magic pill to help you lose weight sounds pretty incredible, right? 
Sadly, I’ve yet to find that magical pill, but here’s the thing: My purpose in life is to empower others to live their best life possible. And truthfully, I believe that taking a magic pill would pull you further away from educating and empowering you.
Truth be told: There is no such thing as a magic pill, and my goal is to help you realize that this is an amazing realization!
Have you ever heard the saying, “knowledge is power, but ignorance is bliss.” The idea that a magic pill exists is an elusive state of bliss you are living in that would ultimately do you more harm than good. There is SO MUCH POWER in knowledge, and it’s my life’s mission to show you this!
I believe two things: One, that we should choose healthy food options because we love our bodies, not because we hate them. And two, that exercise should be a celebration of what our bodies are capable of, NOT a punishment for what we ate.
Exercising and eating healthy bring more than just weight loss. They bring the realization that you ARE powerful, that you CAN fulfil your commitments, and that you are CAPABLE of doing hard things! They empower you, make you stronger, give you energy, and cultivate integrity, confidence, and ultimately self-love.

Q: What’s Heidi Powell’s Instagram?

You can follow me on the gram (@realheidipowell) by clicking here!
I love interacting with you guys, so I tend to ask a lot of questions. I can’t help it–I love to hear directly from you!
I stay pretty real time on there, so if you want to keep up with me, then Instagram is the place to be.

Q: Does Heidi Powell have a television show?

Chris and I created and co-hosted a show for 5 years on ABC called Extreme Weight Loss. Man oh man, did we ever love it. Over the course of those 5 years, we were blessed to get a front row seat to 76 amazing weight loss and total transformations as we guided them along the way. 
Each episode was a documentation of a full year in one person’s weight loss journey...full of hugs, high fives, challenges, tears, and ultimately a victory proving that ordinary people do extraordinary things! 
How did we do it? There are many, many secrets, and believe it or not, the most powerful have very little to do with diet and exercise, and everything to do with changing your mind and your heart. 
We guided them with proper nutrition, exercise, and life-coaching to help it ACTUALLY stick.
Those were some of the best years of my life, and are fondly missed. Mostly, I miss hugging and loving on my people, crying with them when they hurt, and sharing in the sweetest feelings of accomplishment. I am actually shedding a few tears as I type this...can you tell I love people? So much.

Q: Does Heidi Powell recommend any diastasis recti workouts?

Yes, I do! I personally suffered from diastasis recti, and I know the frustration that comes with it. That’s why I created a 6-Week Guide to help postpartum moms recover and feel empowered!
I go beyond exercises and into details about nutrition tips, how to check for diastasis recti at home, and postpartum tips to get you back in tip-top shape.

Q: Does Heidi Powell recommend some easy workouts for moms?

I don’t know if I can call the workouts “easy,” but I can definitely call them effective and FUN!
Chris and I created The Transform App to provide workout programs customized to YOUR needs, YOUR goals, and YOUR preferences! 
In The Transform App, we provide over 1,000 routines with video guidance from me (or Chris). You can choose at-home workouts, gym-based workouts, and even cross-training workouts...scalable for ALL ability levels, whether you’re a newbie or an advanced athlete!
The Transform App isn’t just about exercising. We have macro tracking, hydration tracking, weekly motivation, and over 500 chef-inspired meals scaled specifically for you!

Q: What are Heidi’s recommended at-home workouts?

This might sound like a repeat answer! But now you can see why Chris and I created The Transform App in the first place. 
We were getting tons of questions about workout tips, nutrition, and motivation. 
Lots of questions I get involve staying fit while being a busy mom. For some people, that might mean they prefer to work out at home, while others want to get out of the house and hit the gym. 
We realized very quickly that one set workout program would not fit every person’s needs and goals. So, Chris and I decided that we needed a platform that provided more options!
Those options and my recommended at-home workouts come in The Transform App so you can find exactly what fits your personal goals!
I also post fun workouts to my Instagram and YouTube channel like diastasis recti exercises, hotel workouts, and even workouts you can do at the beach. Plus, I have some super fun workouts on my blog as well!

Q: Why did Heidi and Chris Powell create The Transform App?

Heidi App Gif
I love this question! Chris and I are not only passionate about helping others live their best lives possible, but we’ve also devoted our lives and our family’s lives to the mission. 
We’ve spent years training and helping people reach their weight loss goals, many of these most influential years spent on our show, Extreme Weight Loss. If you’ve even seen the show, you know the beginning starts out a little something like this…

“I am 500 lbs, broken, depressed, and not sure where to I wrote a letter to Chris and Heidi, and my whole life changed.”

Naturally, millions of letters and help-me pleas flooded in from around the world. This was a beautiful thing, but also terrifying because we didn’t have the bandwidth to help any more than we were already helping.
Every letter received chipped away at our hearts…
Chris and I made the promise that when the show ended and our lives allowed, we would devote the next chapter of our lives toward building the tools that EVERYONE needs to transform their lives...NO MATTER THEIR SITUATION!
We pulled all of the stories, questions, concerns, and comments over and over, and were determined to create THE solutions to make a better life possible.
The Transform App truly is our 5th baby. We’ve had many sleepless nights, grumpy days, and major tears as we poured our hearts and souls into creating this app.
We wanted to create THE ULTIMATE tool that could help you unlock your fitness potential. That meant workouts, nutrition, motivation, and continuous coaching to guide you from beginning to middle and forever, because the journey of transformation is never-ending when done right.
We are incredibly proud of The Transform App, and get super emotional and excited when we see thousands of people all over the world finding success and happiness with it!

Q: Where can I find weight loss transformation stories with Heidi Powell?

There’s nothing more motivating than watching someone tell their transformation story!
Chris and I get so pumped (and maybe even a little emotional) when we get to meet these people along their journeys. 
If you want to follow along with Transform Nation, where Chris and I visit transforming members of our Transform App community, you can see several different weight loss stories that will make you laugh and cry. Check those out here.

Let’s Keep In Touch!

Well, enough about me! It sure was fun answering those questions.
Feel free to keep in touch with me on the blog, through my social channels, or subscribe to my newsletter here. Thanks for the love and support, keep doing amazing things, and good luck on your transformation journey (hopefully with me by your side!)!

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