Chris Powell: the Good, the Better, the FAQs

Chris Powell: the Good, the Better, the FAQs
Hey guys, Chris taking over for a sec. We’ve had quite a few of you writing in over the years asking all sorts of personal questions about me and my life, so thank you for your interest!
The TransformHQ family passed along these questions and asked if I’d answer them in this blog to make it easier. So, here it goes!
I’ll add to them as more questions come in, so stay tuned because some of these questions are pretty funny! ?

Q: Does Chris Powell have a before and after?

I do! My transformation journey might look different from yours. Growing up, I was the smallest kid in school. 
I was 30-40 lbs smaller than the other kids, but luckily, my parents saw that the bullying and lack of size over the years was breaking my spirit, so one day when I was 14, I came home to a living room with no furniture...but a weight set instead.
It didn’t magically make me taller, but it did make me stronger. It was the beginning of a new life.

We all have many “befores and afters” from this journey of life and transformation. I wanted to share this particular one with you because it’s a before and after with Heidi. 
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with our before picture (and actually I was pretty fit at that time–I had just finished a half-ironman the week before!), but like all transformations, it is a journey, and not a destination. It’s all about where you want to go next. ?
This before and after came with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. Three years of bodybuilding totally transformed BOTH our physiques.  Notice that we are smiling and happy in both. Seeing where we’ve come on our journey helps motivate us to keep moving forward with our own goals and transformations. 
Here’s one more before and after for you (click to see Grandpa Chris):

Q: Who are Chris and Heidi Powell?

So, who are we? Heidi and I are lucky enough to work together as fitness trainers, and we have over 30 years of combined transformation experience. 
We are both also parents, entrepreneurs (The Transform App founders), TV personalities (our show Extreme Weight Loss), and occasional goofballs. 
We loved being able to help people through our show Extreme Weight Loss so we decided to create Transform so we could continue the movement and reach even more people!

Q: How many kids does Chris Powell have?

I'm a dad to 4 amazing kiddos: Matix, Marley Cash, and Ruby. You'll most likely see them popping up all over on our social media. They are EVERYTHING in our life, and we are not complete without them.

Q: How old is Chris Powell?

I am 41 years young and feeling stronger and better than ever!

But that number doesn’t mean anything to me except that I have some more grey hairs. 
It’s never too late to get started, restart, reset, whatever you want to call it. The older you are, the more experience you have under your belt. That can help you. Age is just a number. Just warm up longer ?

Q: How much does Chris Powell weigh?

I regularly fluctuate between 180 and 200, depending on where I am going with my transformation. I typically compete in powerlifting or bodybuilding around 178 to 184 pounds, and when I am building muscle in the off-season I will often get up to 195 to 202 pounds.
When I am maintaining weight, I am usually between 188 and 190...which is where I am right now!  
I know these numbers seem pretty exact, and to a certain extent, they are all very carefully planned and executed. But just like I say age is just a number, your weight is just a number as well.
As you transform you will also gain a powerful sense of control over your weight as well, but give it time and experience.  To be honest, in the long run I care more about my non-scale victories (NSVs) than I do my weight: 
Improvements in stamina, strength, and endurance. Improvements in body composition. Consistent energy and mental clarity throughout the day. Sleep quality. Productivity and mood. These NSV’s are the things that ultimately matter to me and help me ‘win’ in life!
Though my weight isn’t my priority, I understand that we all have different goals. I just like to remind people that you have so many “wins” along your transformation journey and the end goal doesn’t always have to be the number on the scale!

Q: How tall is Chris Powell/what is Chris Powell’s height?

Ok, wow, so many people want to know how tall I am! ?
I proudly stand at a whopping 5'8". It’s funny because when people recognize me on the street, one of the comments I get most is, “On TV you just seem a little bit…" then they catch themselves thinking they’ll offend me if they say "taller". LOL 
I will always joke around with them about it and we’ll have a good laugh together about how the camera makes everyone look larger than life!
All jokes aside, yes, I am 5'8". I wouldn't have it any other way!  But with that being said, I wouldn’t complain if I was about 6 inches taller. ?

Q: How can I lose a lot of weight in 2 weeks?

I get lots of weight loss questions when I talk to people, which makes sense since it’s my job. ? But this question is a top one: how to lose weight FAST. The fitness industry is filled with quick fixes, crash diets, and “stories” of overnight abs.
You won’t find that with me (or Heidi). We’re into total body transformation, the kind of results that last and bring about real change in someone’s life.
When Heidi and I work with clients, we have them focus on something called The Foundation Five
The Foundation Five sets the foundation of successful transformation and helps jumpstart results and change. They are super important!


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FOUNDATION FIVE ??? ① We recommend drinking half your body weight in ounces a day. Drink one extra bottle of water per day than what you normally would. ② Eat breakfast immediately when you wake up (or as soon as your feeding window opens) ③ Eat a source of protein at every meal. Protein is the building block of our muscles! Protein makes us fuller faster so we will eat a lot less. ? ④ Reduce sugar and sodium intake!! Stay away from canned foods, soda, juice and processed meats. ⑤ Deliberately move for 5 minutes every day. Chances are when you do 5 minutes a day you’ll start to build upon the daily time commitment! ^ Which of these will you add to your routine STARTING TOMORROW? ? @realheidipowell and I make all personal clients master these - one at a time - before moving on with their fully structured transformation program. #foundationfive #transformapp

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Weight loss can be overwhelming, and the struggle is real. That’s why we simplify it down to 5 steps to focus on daily. 
  • Drink More Water: Drink half your body weight in ounces a day. 
  • Eat Breakfast ASAP (or whenever your feeding window opens - if Intermittent Fasting): Feed the beast!
  • Reduce Sodium and Sugar Intake: Avoid canned foods, soda, juice, and processed meats.
  • Eat Protein with Each Meal: Protein is the building block of our muscles. It makes us feel fuller faster and keeps us feeling satisfied longer.
  • Move Deliberately: Start with 5 minutes a day. You’ll create a habit that might turn into something bigger.
When we talk about weight loss and fitness journeys, we call them transformations, and transformations aren’t necessarily quick or easy. Transforming the way you THINK first, then transforming the way you eat and exercise will forever change the way you live and feel.
So, after a long, drawn-out answer, if you want to start losing weight and take back control of your health and life, check out The Foundation Five. It’s a great foundation that will help you jumpstart your transformation.

Q: Has Chris Powell written any books?

I have written two books on my own and one with Heidi.
Chris Powell: Choose to Lose Book
Chris Powell: Choose More, Lose More Book
Chris Powell & Heidi Powell: Extreme Transformation Book

Each of my books will provide motivation, nutrition tips, exercise examples, and other “secrets” I’ve learned along the way to help maximize weight loss.

Q: Does Chris Powell have a television show?

 briefly mentioned this above, but yes! Heidi and I had a show called Extreme Weight Loss
The show documented individuals looking to lose weight over the course of a year, and we focused on guiding individuals with proper nourishment and exercise. These individuals were transformed from the inside out.

Q: How can I contact Chris Powell?

Thanks for wanting to keep in touch with me! The best way to stay in touch with me is through my social channels. Here they are for quick reference:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. TransformHQ
  4. Twitter
  5. YouTube

And if you want to see some awesome stuff Heidi and I are doing with Transform, check out #3

Q: Where is Chris Powell’s house?


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 we come‼️ The PowellPack is honored to be a part of Dubai’s incredible 30x30 initiative: to MOVE 30 minutes a day for 30 days - from October 26 to November 24! ?? We can’t wait to visit your beautiful city, meet all of you, and get our sweat on together! ? And for anyone living in Dubai or visiting, you gotta check out the Dubai Fitness Challenge app and register today - it’ll show you all of the epic events happening around the city during the 30x30 challenge!! . As app developers ourselves, it’s incredible to see the love they put into this challenge and amazing app to support this month of events for the people. Well done, @DubaiFitnessChallenge ?? #Dubai30x30 @Emirates @MyDubai

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This has been our home for the past couple of years. Not Dubai, but the AIRPORT!
Just kidding, but it feels like us Powells are always on a plane going somewhere. As our lives have become busier with Transform, the entire PowellPack has been traveling so much more and experiencing the world together as a family - it makes us so happy!
But we are proud to call Arizona our home (when we're not missing flights and staying in hotels). 
Go Diamondbacks, Suns & Cardinals!

Q: What’s Chris Powell’s Instagram?

Repeat! You’re probably thinking didn’t he just answer this one? I did, but this is a top question, so here it is again for you. You can check out my Instagram by clicking here!

Q: Didn’t Chris Powell have a heart attack?

Heart attacks are no joke. I am grateful that I have never suffered a heart attack, but this is definitely another question I get. But this brings up another topic:

Meet my “doppelganger,” Bob Harper. Bob Harper suffered a near-fatal heart attack back in February 2017.  
I often get confused with him, and I’m not even mad about it! He’s a great dude and long time friend! I have even signed his autograph for people who were so thrilled to meet ‘Bob from Biggest Loser’ ?
But every once in  a while I still need to let people know that I am, indeed, Chris Powell! ??
You can see my Instagram post above for clarification. Bob thought it was hilarious. ? 

Q: Does Chris Powell have a diet plan he recommends?

Yes, I do!  But I will also be the first to tell you that the best diet plan for you is the one that you can sustain forever, without feelings of deprivation and restriction. So I always approach any recommendation with YOU in mind first. 
If you are looking to change your body composition, lose weight, and build lean muscle, then carb cycling is what I recommend.

Carb Cycling
Carb cycling is the practice of alternating high carb/low fat days with low carb/high fat days and occasional reward meals where restrictions are gone. It isn’t overly complicated at all, and can be incredibly simple and easy to adopt into your lifestyle, with tons of flexibility to feel satisfied and rewarded along the way. 
A fun example of a day of carb cycling is the ^video^ above! Dr. Oz was kind enough to let me chat with him about carb cycling in action. 
A quick recap for you:
  • Eat multiple meals (5 in this example)
  • Drink 1 gallon of water daily
  • Eat breakfast within 60 minutes of waking (or when your feeding window opens)
  • If feeding regularly throughout the day, aim to eat approx every 3 hours
  • Choose approved foods (depends on whether you’re on a high or low carb day)
  • Enjoy those fibrous veggies! (the non-starchy/non-root type)

Q: Does Chris Powell have a workout DVD?

I did create two workout DVD’s back in the day for our show ‘Extreme Weight Loss’. But with the advances in technology we can now make working out so much more interactive!
Our Transform App has taken the DVD experience to a whole new level with literally hundreds more workouts and the capability to guide you through your entire transformation.
We are always working on new and exciting ways to guide you through your workouts. Our latest project is going to be a fun one, so ask that question again in the next couple of months! ?

Q: Where is the latest Chris Powell News/Does Chris Powell have a website?

Haha, I’m flattered!
You can see what the Transform gang and I are up to by visiting, my personal website, and by following me on my social media!

Q: Where is Chris Powell’s cookbook?

That’s a great question! You can find some incredibly tasty recipes from yours truly in my books above and also in The Transform App
The Transform App isn’t just a cookbook, though. It’s a complete transformation app with over 550 customized meals for YOU, meal plans, workouts, life lessons, and more!

Q: What workouts does Chris Powell recommend for weight loss/what is Chris Powell’s weight loss workout?

This is actually a pretty tough question. Your weight loss journey will be unique to you. Are you a gym rat? Do you prefer to work out at home? Are you a beginner? Are you trying to get back to exercising after an injury? 
All of these questions can affect what workouts would be best for you and your weight loss. If you’re looking for a starting point, then check out this blog on our Bodyweight Beginner Program.


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SUNDAY CHALLENGE: Put your body in motion with this epic workout ?? . And before we go any farther, let’s just quickly address the looks on our faces in the freeze frame of the daily video. Don’t you just love it when someone takes a pic of you when you’re talking? This is usually what it looks like when you’re really excited about the topic ? . Now back to the workout (swipe ➡️ to see): Set a running clock ⏱ and do as many rounds as you can in 15 minutes of the following circuit: 5 LUNGE JUMPS 5 MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS 30 JUMPING JACKS . If you can’t do any of these movements, no problem! Just modify it: . LUNGE JUMP MODIFICATION: Modify by holding onto a stable object (counter, sofa, chair, etc) and simply lunging back as far as you can (in a pain free range of motion) . MOUNTAIN CLIMBER MODIFICATION: From a push up plank position, simply step your feet forward and back one at a time . JUMPING JACKS MODIFICATION: Step to the side raising arms out to the sides, then step toward the center, bringing arms back down to your sides, then repeat on the other side . Give yourself a gift today – of more energy, mental clarity, a stimulated muscular system, improved cardiovascular system, and an awesome sense of fulfillment. Now go get em, and tell me how many rounds you got! ?? . You’ll find this and over 1000 more workouts in @thetransformapp!! ? . #Transformation #Transform #TheTransformApp #TransformWithChrisAndHeidi #weightloss #chrispowell #heidipowell #nutrition #physique #crosstraining #training #extremeweightloss #carbcycling #macros #inspiration #motivation #fitspiration #fitnessjourney #fitstagram

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Check out our faces in the picture above. That’s just one example of some exercises we show you in The Transform App
We also have what we like to call the "Commercial Break Couch Potato Workout," a real calorie-burner that you can do while watching your favorite TV show!

The Commercial Break Couch Potato Workout

Who says you can’t get in a great calorie-burning workout while you’re catching up on the latest TV series? Not us!

But if you’re wanting something a little more personal to your goals, then you might be interested in the final question....

Q: Why did Chris and Heidi create The Transform App?

The Transform App
Heidi and I are passionate about helping others find health and happiness, and we’ve devoted our lives to it. 
With over 30 years of combined training experience, we’ve learned a thing or two about the best tools for weight loss success.
We’re talking about workouts, nutrition, coaches, a community, and so much more. 
When we couldn’t find what we were looking for, we decided to create it ourselves!
We wanted to create one tool that provided everything you need for your fitness success. You’ll get workouts, nutrition, coaching, and a community. Everything is unique to you and your goals. Just how it should be.
The best part? We are just getting started! The app is evolving daily. I spend every night from 10 pm to 2 am with our developers, working on new features and programs for the app. It is my passion and my calling in life to bring transformation to you. 

Keep Transforming!

Hopefully, I was able to answer some of your questions. If not, you know where to hit me up!
Until next time, keep transforming my friend!

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