Buddy Up to Increase Weight Loss: Here's What the Research Shows!

Buddy Up to Increase Weight Loss: Here's What the Research Shows!

Weight loss can be tough, there’s no doubt about it.

Even worse, going about it alone–without any support group–can make for a very, very lonely and unproductive journey. In fact, without a support group, there’s a 76% chance of gaining back some of the weight in a matter of months.

If you’re trying to lose weight and don’t have a support system (whether it be a person or a community), you’re going to want to read this blog!

Let’s run through why Buddying Up is one of the BEST things you can do for your weight loss transformation, helping you achieve results like never before.

Buddying Up Increases Long Term Weight Loss Success

The buddy up system isn’t just for keeping track of your family/friends while at an amusement park or on vacation.

Buddying up with someone can actually make all the difference in your weight loss journey, and research proves it!

That’s right, research shows that creating a support group and buddying up can significantly increase your chances of losing weight AND keeping the weight off.

In fact, a study conducted by the University of Pittsburgh put the “buddy up” system to the test. Dieters were put into two different groups: those who were dieting alone with standard behavioral treatment, and those who were going to buddy up in addition to the treatment.

Out of the dieters who went on their weight loss journey alone, guess how many of them completed their treatment?

About 76%.

But here’s the kicker: Of the 76% that complete the treatment, only about 24% of them reported being able to maintain their weight loss in full from Months 4-10 when they reported back at their 10-month check-up. Most of the people in the “dieting alone” group ended up gaining back the weight.

So what about the group that buddied up and received standard behavior treatment plus social support strategies? A staggering 95% of them completed their treatment.

And guess what? 66% of them were able to maintain their weight loss in full at their 10-month follow-up!

Incredible, right?

That’s a lot of percentages, but that study goes to show that buddying up can increase your chances of weight loss success and maintenance after!

Why Is Buddying Up so Important for Weight Loss?

Yes, nutrition and exercise are absolutely CRUCIAL to your journey. Without proper, sustainable eating habits and consistent exercise, true and lasting transformation can’t occur.

But being able to buddy up with someone (or a group) is such an important tool for achieving results like never before.

So, why is buddying up so important after all? Before we get into that, we have a question for you:

When was the last time you said, “I’m going to do (Insert activity here)” but then you didn’t do it?

This activity could have been saving money or cleaning up your bedroom. Or maybe it was exercising and eating healthy.

How many times do you break commitments to yourself? You’re not alone, it’s ok. This is a judgment-free zone!

You do everything within your power to uphold your integrity and the commitments you make to others, but when it comes to keeping commitments to yourself, you struggle.

That’s one reason buddying up is such a great benefit.

  1. Buddying up creates accountability: By buddying up with someone, you are creating a commitment with them. This relationship will help keep you on track with your goals because you are now having to answer to someone. You're going to have even MORE of a reason to do what you say you're going to do, and own it! This helps you build and maintain your personal integrity.

  2. Buddying up helps keep you motivated: Bill Withers sang it best when he said, “We all need somebody to lean on!” Having someone to go to when the going gets rough is priceless. Knowing you can turn to a friend, family member, or acquaintance to help you keep moving towards your goal is everything.Whether it's just checking in to let them know you stayed on track with your workout and eating, or if you're needing a little bit of encouragement or just someone to talk to–your buddy will help you through!

The Different Ways to Buddy Up

There are different ways to buddy up so you don’t have to go at your journey alone!

If you know someone who is also trying to lose weight as well, reach out to them! This is an excellent way to buddy up for success.

If you know someone who has a deeply vested interest in your health (think: spouse, family, friend) despite not having the same weight loss goal, buddy up with them! Because they care about your health and wellness, they can help keep you accountable as well!

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Don’t Go on Your Weight Loss Journey Alone!

We’ve seen the stats and the research, and the results are in: weight loss is better with a buddy.

Don’t go at your weight loss alone anymore. It’s time to buddy up!

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