Goodbye Scale, Hello NSV's

Goodbye Scale, Hello NSV's

Transformation is more than just the number reflected on the scale.

That’s right, true transformation is about changing habits, establishing healthy routines, and experiencing so many incredible benefits both on and OFF the scale.

These life-altering benefits that come from a healthy weight loss transformation journey are what we call “Non-Scale Victories.”

Let’s get into the amazing benefits you can see during your transformation.

Transformation Is More Than Just the Number on the Scale

Throughout your transformation journey, the number on the scale will go up and down.

That’s just the way weight loss works. So, don’t be discouraged!

What's SUPER important is to recognize and celebrate your non-scale victories, or as we call them, your "NSVs."

NSVs are wins and accomplishments that happen off the scale because weight loss affects all aspects of your life.

There are A LOT of things that the scale just can't measure!

That’s why we use NSVs to give a full picture of your weight loss results and transformation.

Here are some important NSVs you should be looking for:

  • Are your pants fitting better?
  • Are you more flexible now?
  • Do you feel less bloated & more comfortable?
  • Do you have more energy to get through the day?
  • Is it easier to wake up?
  • Do you feel happier?
  • Do you feel more in control of your life?

It's Time to Transform

These are just a few NSVs that we suggest looking at. There are a TON more that you can experience!

As we mentioned, the number on the scale will go up and down. That's just the way weight loss works. But don't let that get you down! Instead, focus on the incredible NSVs you're sure to experience throughout your transformation journey.

Alright, friends. It's time to transform!

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