Power Promise: The Secret to Your Transformation

Power Promise: The Secret to Your Transformation

If you’re anything like the 64% of people we surveyed, you’ve tried to lose weight at least 5 times throughout your life.

In fact, 40% of those who responded said they’ve tried over 15 times to lose weight and take back control of their health!

We’re going to run through the BIGGEST secret to successful weight loss transformation, and it isn’t working out or meal prepping.

But we should note that this “secret” really isn’t a secret at all. It's the Power Promise, and it’s something Chris and Heidi have been preaching for years, and it’s something they used while training people on their hit weight-loss TV show.

Let’s get straight to it!

Power Promise: How to Truly Achieve Your Goals

Let’s face it: Losing weight can be tough. If it were easy, we’d all be at our goal weight!

But let’s not confuse tough with “impossible.” Weight loss is DEFINITELY possible. Achieving your goals is possible.

It takes some hard work both in the kitchen and in the gym–or wherever it is you decide to get your sweat on!

But it actually even goes beyond that. (We’ll talk about that in just a second!)

First, really quick: Do a Google search, and you’ll see hundreds and hundreds of diets, programs, and weight loss plans.

And guess what? A lot of them do work.

So, why do so many people still fail?

That’s because the secret path to transformation all goes back to one fundamental thing: building integrity through keeping Power Promises.

Building Integrity with Yourself Through the Power Promise

How often do you make promises to others, whether it’s to show up to an activity, help your friend move, meet someone for dinner, take out the trash… you get the point?

Most likely, you do everything within your power to uphold the promises you make to others.

But what about the promises you make to yourself?

How often do you say you’re going to do something for yourself, and then you fall short?

Take a second to think about that.

When was the last time you said, “I’m going to [insert an activity] later today,” and then you didn’t follow through?

Successful, lifelong transformation comes down to personal integrity. It all comes down to keeping what Chris and Heidi like to call Power Promises.

What Is A Power Promise?

A Power Promise is a promise you make to yourself that you do everything within your power to keep.

It’s a commitment you make and uphold, whatever it takes.

These Power Promises are just that–powerful.

They are the foundation for a successful transformation.

As you keep your Power Promise, you build your personal integrity.

You do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to.

You strengthen your integrity and build trust with the person that matters most: YOU.

When life tries to knock you down (and it will try over and over, and it will succeed sometimes!), you hold to your Power Promise and weather the storm, no matter what your Power Promise is.

Keeping this Power Promise forges an unbreakable bond between your words and actions, and it creates an incredibly positive forward momentum.

What’s so “Profound” About a Power Promise?

It’s just a little promise to yourself, right? 

Well, yes… and no.

Yes, it is a little promise to yourself, but it’s also much, MUCH more than that.

You see, too many people try to bite off more than they can chew.

With weight loss, for example, people want to take on the world overnight:

  1. They want to completely change their eating habits in one day.
  2. They want to go from no time in the gym to hours each day.
  3. They want to go from not running at all to trying a half marathon in a matter of days.

And while this intention is good, it is a surefire way to fail.

They try their hardest to adopt a new lifestyle overnight and end up falling flat on their face. They become discouraged, angry, and resentful.

Negative self-talk kicks in full blast.

So they give up.

Sound familiar?

Taking on too much all at once goes against successful, lasting weight loss. It’s overwhelming. It’s too difficult. It becomes too much, all at once.

That’s EXACTLY why Power Promises are so profound.

They are simple commitments you make to yourself that you will keep.

A Power Promise is a small and simple step. And although this step may seem “little,” it is actually going to be the thing that helps you transform your life.

Heidi explains in detail what a Power Promise is and how to make one in this post on her blog, but here are some very important pointers:

  • Your Power Promise should be a simple, attainable commitment you know you will be able to keep every single time.

“Starting off, your Power Promise activates your transformation. It is the most basic form of action toward your goal. As long as you are keeping your Power Promise, you’re in the game. The moment you quit is the moment you stop keeping your Power Promise,” Heidi says.

When making a Power Promise to yourself, start off by making just ONE. This will help you stay focused.

Here are some examples of Power Promises. You’ll see that they are SMALL (but important) and not majorly drastic changes:

  1. I promise to get moving for five minutes a day, five days this week.
  2. I promise to drink half my body weight in ounces of water each day this week.
  3. I promise to go on a walk with my dog for 4 days this week.
  4. I promise to replace my afternoon soda with a healthier drink, like flavored water every day this week.
  5. I promise to eat breakfast every day this week.

What Isn’t a Power Promise? 

A Power Promise is NOT an extreme, massive change. It also isn’t a goal. It is a frequent commitment (daily, weekly, X number of times a week, etc.).

These aren’t Power Promises because they are either a little too extreme, or they are goals. Compare them to the Power Promises above. See the difference?

  1. I promise to never eat ice cream again.
  2. I promise I will lose 40 pounds.
  3. I promise to get healthy again.
  4. I promise to go from not running at all to running 8 miles starting tomorrow.
  5. I promise to give up all sweets.
  6. I promise to be 100% on point with all my meals every single day–no exceptions.

While the intent to live a healthy lifestyle is there, some are very unrealistic, especially when starting out.

Also, make sure to make and keep only ONE Power Promise at a time. Trying to keep more than one can make it very difficult to stay on track.

Remember: A successful transformation is built on one Power Promise at a time.

What Happens If I Break a Power Promise?

First things first: Life happens, and we’re ALL human. If you break your promise, don’t give up. That’s the last thing we want you to do!

Like a crack in your windshield, a broken Power Promise to yourself may seem small. It may seem insignificant.

But over time, if you don’t address it, it can grow bigger and bigger. One broken Power Promise can lead to another, and another, and another. Pretty soon, you’re backsliding away from progress, results, and your goal.

If left unaddressed, this broken Power Promise can spread like that little chip in the windshield until your whole windshield is cracked.

If you break a Power Promise, here’s what you need to do as soon as possible IF you want to stay on track with your transformation:

  1. Confess: Confess your slip up to a friend or someone that can help you stay accountable. Even if it seems silly, this is a huge step in fixing the problem. (Join our amazing, incredibly supportive Transform Together Community on Facebook)
  2. Reassess: Make sure your Power Promise is indeed a Power Promise and that it isn’t an unrealistic expectation you are setting for yourself. If you need to make adjustments to your Power Promise, do it!
  3. Recommit: You’re just one decision away from getting back on track, so pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and recommit yourself to your Power Promise.

When Should I Make Another Power Promise?

Keep in mind that it’s not a race. You shouldn’t be stacking multiple Power Promises on top of each other out of the gate.

One Power Promise that you can stick with is going to lay the groundwork for an incredible transformation.

As you get this Power Promise locked down and turn it into a habit, then you can create a new Power Promise and add to it. But only do this when your first PowerPromise becomes a habit.

What’s Your Power Promise?

As you can see, Power Promises are everything. Without personal integrity, lasting transformation becomes impossible.

What’s your Power Promise? We want to hear it! Comment below and tell us what your Power Promise is going to be.

Then, if you feel comfortable, join our FREE TransformHQ Facebook Community by clicking here and declare your Power Promise! It is such an empowering feeling.

Our loving, amazing community will welcome you with open arms and help keep you accountable!

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