Goodbye Scale, Hello NSV

Goodbye Scale, Hello NSV

Here at TransformHQ, one of the most important lessons that we teach is that...

You are NOT defined by a number on a scale.

The number on the scale doesn't tell the full story of your transformation journey.

In fact, it's important to understand that, throughout your transformation journey, the number on the sale WILL inevitably go up and down!

The Importance of NSVs

With your weight going up and down during your transformation journey, how do you stop yourself from getting discouraged?

The key to successful weight loss transformation is tracking your NSVs, or Non-Scale Victories!

You can achieve several NSVs throughout your transformation journey, and unlike a simple number, these victories are unique to you and your goals.

They might promise rapid results, but the results you see often come at a cost to your overall health and are never sustainable.

NSV Examples

Unlike a number on a scale, and NSV is a victory that makes a positive difference in your life, such as:

- More energy to play with your kids

- Clothes fitting better

- Increased self-confidence

The amount and variety of NSVs you can experience are truly unlimited!

The important thing to remember when identifying NSVs you've achieved is that it can be any victory that is unique and personal to YOU and your transformation journey.

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