Sleep Week – Tip #5: Limit Daytime Napping to 10-20 Minutes

Sleep Week – Tip #5: Limit Daytime Napping to 10-20 Minutes

Do you find yourself struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep at night? Do you also take frequent naps in order to keep up with your busy day?

Depending on when you nap and for how long, this can actually have a negative impact on your nighttime sleep quality.

Let’s chat about one tip that can help transform your restfulness.

Limit Daytime Napping to 10-20 Minutes

If you often take naps during the day and struggle sleeping at night, your napping habits might be affecting your sleep quality–especially if you nap for longer periods.

If that's the case, try avoiding naps or at least limiting them to 10-20 minutes earlier in the day.

Shorter naps can help you power up without getting in the way of your sleep at night.

Try setting an alarm on your phone the next time you go to take a nap and see what a 10-20 minute nap does for your energy, restfulness, and more.

Sleep Better, Feel Better, Transform Better

If you take naps, try to take them earlier in the day and make them shorter. This can help you fall asleep faster and sleep even better when it comes to bedtime.

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