The Many Benefits of Boost Shot

The Many Benefits of Boost Shot

Why does everyone LOVE Boost Shot? Why are there over 3,000,000 servings sold, and how has it become a favorite for all those who are trying to lose weight, increase energy, or who simply want a tasty drink? 

It’s because of the incredible, proven benefits of this wonderful drink mix. What are those benefits?  Let’s talk about them!

Boost Shot Benefit #1: Immediate Energy

When you drink a serving of Boost Shot, you get an immediate boost to your energy! But this isn’t a burst of energy from sugar that will destroy your weight loss goals and have you crashing just a few minutes later. 

Boost Shot gives you 4 different B vitamins, including a full shot of B12, AND natural caffeine, giving you a huge boost of energy without any crash, so you can have the energy to accomplish the things YOU want to do!

Boost Shot Benefit #2: Sustained Energy


“Blue Raspberry Boost ❤️ Love this stuff! Keeps me energized throughout my day & tastes delicious ? plus, I get some of my water intake for that day & it’s flavored :-)” - Ashley C.


Okay, so you’ve got your boost of energy. “But won’t my energy drop off again after just a bit?” You ask. Of course not!

Boost Shot was also formulated with ingredients like VitaSure® Caffeine SR, which give you an increase in energy over time, and not just all at once.

This caffeine is a smidge different from the caffeine in benefit #1. It all works together.

This means you can keep doing the things you need to do to lose weight and stay on top of our day-to-day responsibilities!

And this caffeine is natural, not synthetic, which means it won’t hurt your weight loss efforts! But more on that with #5.

Boost Shot Benefit #3: Helps Support Fat Burn

Boost Shot was formulated with ingredients like L-Carnitine L-Tartrate that are proven to help reduce fat and increase metabolism. 

On top of that, the caffeine stimulates thermogenesis, which helps give you energy and  supports your weight loss!

When you reach for your Boost Shot, you don’t have to feel guilty that you’re destroying your weight loss. 

Because Boost Shot accelerates your weight loss, and supports your effort to burn stubborn fat!

Boost Shot Benefit #4: Increased Concentration and Focus

Keeping your focus throughout the whole day can be tough, especially when you have so many different distractions demanding your attention, like kids, your job, and everything else!

That’s why we formulated Boost Shot with ingredients like Cognizin® Citicholine, which has been proven to help with concentration and focus.

That way, Boost Shot will make it easier for you to focus on what’s important, and will help improve your memory and attention.

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Boost Shot Benefit #5: No Carbs, Calories, or Sugars

Every ingredient we put into Boost Shot will help you with your weight loss! There’s no synthetic ingredients (common with caffeine) or added sugars. 

Weight loss is an equation of calories in vs calories out, and sugary drinks and sodas are some of the WORST drinks, with high calorie AND sugar.

Boost Shot has zero carbs, zero calories, AND zero sugars, so it won’t destroy your weight loss goals like other drinks will. You can drink Boost Shot without worrying!

Boost Shot Benefit #6: Incredibly Delicious Flavors

If Boost Shot had all these benefits, but tasted gross (like other “healthy” drinks), then no one would drink it! 

Because, let’s face it, flavor is king! 

We spent months of working, taste-testing, and re-formulating to create the BEST flavors possible. 

And we created 10 mouthwatering flavors of Boost Shot (so far!), like Blue Raspberry, Peach Mango, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Lemonade, and so much more! So you’ll feel good about what you’re drinking, AND you’ll love all the flavors!

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