Master Class: How to Stay on Track During the Holidays & WIN!

Master Class: How to Stay on Track During the Holidays & WIN!

The holidays are officially in full swing! From parties and get-togethers to delicious seasonal treats and more, these months can certainly be the ? most wonderful time of the year! ?

But the holiday season can also be difficult, especially when trying to celebrate the season and STILL see the results.

Listen as Heidi walks through her top tips for not only surviving during the holidays...but thriving! Here are just some of the tips she runs through in this Holiday Master Class video above.

Tip 1– Establish Your Foundation

Successful, lifelong transformation comes down to personal integrity–doing what you say you are going to do when you say you are going to do it.

You build this personal integrity by keeping "Power Promises." Power Promises are simple, attainable commitments you make with yourself that you KNOW you will be able to keep each day. And by consistently keeping your Power Promise, you are creating wins and building positive momentum!

Here are some examples of Power Promises. You'll see that they are SMALL but incredibly important commitments:

  1. I promise to get moving for five minutes a day, five days this week.
  2. I promise to replace my afternoon soda with a healthier drink, like flavored water, every day this week.
  3. I promise to eat breakfast every day this week.

When heading into the holiday season, make sure you have your Power Promise and stick to it!

Tip 2– Don't Focus on Perfection. Focus On Progress

Instead of focusing on perfection and then criticizing yourself over what you couldn't accomplish, focus on showing up just 1% better than you did yesterday.

Find an area each day where you can improve upon just a little more than the day before. It's all about making little changes, sticking to them, and creating real, positive change that you can sustain!

Tip 3– Give Yourself Grace & Be Realistic

Remember to actually enjoy the holiday season!

This means your goals and expectations need to be realistic. You may need to modify some of them based on what you are willing to allow this season. For example, while your workouts in the spring and summer maybe looked like 30+ minutes of cardio, that may realistically look more like 10 minutes during the holidays.

And when the holidays get chaotic and demanding, remember to give yourself grace. Continue to focus on progress. One day off of your plan doesn't have to be 2 days.

Tip 4– Don't Label Foods As "Good or Bad"

When it comes to the holidays, food plays a big part. And depriving yourself of seasonal treats and foods can be unrealistic and just unsustainable!

Labeling foods & desserts as "bad" can contribute to shame and reinforce negative self-talk and self-identity.
Instead, focus on balance and include nutritious foods packed with protein and essential micronutrients.

Tip 5– Focus on "Adding" Rather Than "Subtracting"

Rather than going through the holidays thinking about which foods you "can't have" (and making a checklist of all the things to avoid), turn your focus instead to what you can "add."

When you find yourself at a holiday party, think to yourself, "What can I add to my plate to make it even more nutritious and balanced?"

Tip 6– Stay Hydrated

During winter months, when you may not be sweating all the time, drinking water might not be a priority. That said, up to 75% of American adults are chronically dehydrated, and dehydration can leave you feeling tired, moody, and more.

Tip: Aim to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. If you're just starting out, focus on adding an extra 8 oz of water each day until you are at half of your body weight in ounces!

Tip 7– Plan Ahead

Have an event later in the day? Plan ahead so you can stay on track! Whether that means getting in your exercise earlier, making sure to eat so you aren't famished, or even having a nutritious snack for later, planning ahead can be a game changer for your results.

  • Planning Tip: Stock Fridge With Healthy Options

Having a nutritious snack that is prepped and ready to eat makes it that much easier to stick with. During the holiday season, take some time to quickly prepare and have some tasty veggies, fruits, and lean meats on hand that are easily accessible!

  • Planning Tip: Connect & Communicate

Our relationships are incredibly important, and connecting and communicating with those close to us is good for the soul. Those close to us can also help us be accountable to ourselves and our goals. Find an accountability buddy that helps keep you on track!

It's Time to Finally Enjoy the Season

There's a lot to be grateful for this time of year. We hope you are able to enjoy the holiday season and spend time with those you love.With the tips above, you'll be ready to navigate the holidays, enjoy every last minute of them, and WIN!

Which tip or tips are you going to incorporate this year?

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