The Perfect Energy-Boosting Schedule

The Perfect Energy-Boosting Schedule

You’re reading this post because…


You’re sick of being tired all the time and it’s taking a toll on your life and transformation.
But don’t worry, by the end of this article we’ll give you EXACTLY what to do throughout the day to be full of energy!

Because when you have enough energy you can:

✅ Get everything done on your to-do list
✅ Feel like yourself

You deserve these amazing benefits of having energy, that’s why we put all of our experience into creating…

The Perfect Energy-Boosting Schedule

7:30 AM - Take a Cold Shower

We know this one is a hard sell.But there are several benefits to taking cold showers and cold water therapy, like increased heart and respiratory rate! [1]

This can help you feel alert and energized with a clear mind to start your day.

10:00 AM - Drink Boost Shot with a Handful of Nuts

Staying hydrated is essential for keeping your energy levels high, and drinking Boost Shot will give you instant AND sustained energy with NO crash!

Plus, certain nuts like almonds and cashews are high in magnesium, which is an important mineral that helps your energy production by turning the food you eat into fuel! [2]

And research shows that almost HALF of the US population doesn’t consume the required amount of magnesium from food!

Enjoy a handful of nuts and wash it down with a deliciously refreshing Boost Shot to increase your energy AND avoid more unhealthy snacks and drinks! 

11:00 AM - Take a Walk Outside

Taking a few minutes to go outside is a great way to take a much-needed break AND can help increase your energy and your mood! [3]

Plus, soaking in some sun can help with your vitamin D production, a nutrient that helps support energy levels!

Among many other wonderful benefits, keeping your body well hydrated will help improve your energy AND mood! [5]

We recommend drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water each day, so you’ll want to make sure you’re on track for that!

12:00 PM - Water Check

1:00 PM - Get Up & Stretch

Stretching is an amazing way to help increase your flexibility and range of motion, decrease your risk of injury, and increase your energy! [6]

And the great thing about stretching is that you can do it just about anywhere, and it will give you a quick breather to reset in the afternoon!

2:00 PM - Drink Boost Shot

Boost Shot will give you instant AND sustained energy to help you get through the “afternoon slump” and the rest of your day!

Plus, Boost Shot has zero calories, zero sugar, AND nootropics to help increase your mental focus and clarity!

3:00 PM - Take a Walk Outside

Another walk outside to soak up more Vitamin D while increasing your energy!

And you can start small with your walks! If a 5-minute walk is all you have time to get in, that’s great!

It’s still MUCH better than not moving at all!

5:00 PM - Another Water Check

At the end of the day, you should be close to your hydration goal of half your body weight in ounces of water!

Now you have your Perfect Energy-Boosting Schedule! 🙌

Again, we realize that not all days are perfect, and sometimes your schedule CAN’T look like this, so feel free to modify and adjust as needed.

As you add these habits to your daily schedule, you’ll start to notice an increase in energy and motivation!

And with increased energy, you will be better able and ready to achieve your weight loss goals!

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