Complete Scale Chaos & NSVs (Non Scale Victories)

Complete Scale Chaos & NSVs (Non Scale Victories)

We’re going to talk about the scale–more specifically, how you can’t trust all of them–and the importance of tracking NSVs. (NSV stands for non scale victories, and they are extremely important when looking at your weight loss progress and tracking it.)

Let’s get straight to it!

For all you amazing moms out there on your own transformation journey, take some notes! These are some amazing off the scale victories that you're going to experience along the way!

Scale Chaos & Why You May Have Trust Issues

Watch the video above and you'll see how Heidi steps on 6 different scales with the same outfit. Spoiler alert: She gets 6 different numbers on the scales! (But watch the video to see just how ridiculous it gets!)

This is confusing, right?

That’s why you can’t “live and die” by the scale. Yes, the scale can help show weight loss efforts, but it is only one way to visualize your progress. There are so many other ways to track your progress, and we’ll talk about them!

But first, let’s talk about how to solve this scale chaos, so you can properly track your progress on the scale!

The Top 4 Tips For Using the Scale to Properly Measure Progress

non scale victories

Tip #1: Use the Same Scale Each Time

There are scales at the gym, at your house, maybe even at work.

And as you can see from the video of Heidi, she steps on 6 different scales within seconds of each other, in the same outfit, and they all gave her different numbers.

When you are using a scale to measure your weight loss, use the same scale each time.

Pick one, and one only, and be exclusive to that scale! Refuse the temptation to step on any other scales, as they most likely won't be accurate with the weight loss you've been tracking.

Tip #2: Wear the Same Outfit

When you step on the scale, make sure you’re wearing the same outfit every time. Why?

You may be thinking “Some light sandals, throwing on a hoodie or some jewlery… that won’t affect my results.”

But here’s the truth: even the smallest pieces of clothing and accessories can add up and make a difference. (Check out the video above to see Heidi demonstrate this!)

Don't be tempted to wear a different outfit!

Tip #3: Weigh In the Same Time Each Day

It’s important to weigh yourself at the same time each day because our weight fluctuates throughout the day.

The food you eat and liquids you drink can affect the number on the scale dramatically. (Watch Heidi drink a shake and then step back on the scale–the number changes!)  

If you weigh yourself first thing in the morning on one day, then weigh yourself after you’ve consumed a lot of water and also eaten a big meal on a different day, the numbers on the scale won’t be the same.

Also, depending on when you workout, this will also influence the amount of water weight you’re storing. So if you weigh yourself one day before working out and before eating anything, then weigh yourself after working out on another day, you won’t get accurate measurements.

Tip #4: Weigh In on the Same Day Each Week

And for the last tip: in addition to weighing yourself at the same time of day each day, make sure that you are weighing yourself on the same day each week.

As your nutrition plan changes throughout the week between high carb and low carb, like on the Transform App meal plan, this will greatly influence how much weight you’re holding on to each day.

NSV: Non Scale Victories + Why The Scale Isn’t Everything

happy with no scale victories

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again quick: stepping on a scale is only one way to measure your weight loss progress. We’re going to talk about non scale victories (also referred to as NSVs), which gives you an even better understanding of your weight loss journey and progress.

A scale is a great tool you can use to help track your progress, but it certainly isn’t the only tool, and it isn’t the be-all-end-all solution.

Yes, if you follow these tips above, you’ll have more consistent, accurate measurements on the scale.

But throughout your weight loss journey, the numbers will go up and down. That’s just the way weight loss works. This could be for a bunch of different reasons, some of them being: building muscle while losing weight, increasing the amount of water you’re drinking to stay hydrated, etc.

What's also really important is to recognize and celebrate your non scale victories, or as we call them, your "NSVs."

Non scale victories are wins and accomplishments that happen off the scale.

Maybe it's more energy. Maybe you feel happier. Maybe your shirt fits better.

Weight loss affects all aspects of our lives, and there are A LOT of things that the scale just can't measure!

The Best NSV Examples (Non Scale Victories) to Help You Really See Your Weight Loss Results

What we like to focus on, in addition to the scale, are NSVs: non-scale victories.

These NSVs help give a full picture of your weight loss results and transformation. What “non-scale” things are happening as a result of your weight loss efforts? Here are some important NSVs to consider when looking back on your weight loss journey:

  • Are your pants fitting better?
  • Are you more flexible now?
  • Do you feeling less bloated/more comfortable?
  • Do you have more energy to get through the day?
  • Is it easier to wake up?
  • Do you feel happier?
  • Do you feel more in control of your life?

These are just a few NSVs that we suggest looking at. There are a TON more. We’ve listed the best non-scale victories in a convenient download for you to look at and help you better understand all of the progress you’re making!

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TransformHQ Non-Scale Victory Sheet

We’ve listed the best non-scale victories in a convenient download for you to look at and help you better understand all of the progress you’re making!

Click the image below to review or download the NSV Sheet! Take note of any NSVs that you HAVE expriened or WANT to experience!

NSV Sheet

NSV Sheet, Page 1

NSV Sheet, Page 2

Now that we've covered important things you can look for along your journey, click the blue button below to complete your 14-Day Boot Camp Assignment!

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